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CONEL Argentina ©. Corporate Services Integrales.E-mail: business.grupoconel @ live.com.ar. Cordoba, Argentina. A company in the service of another company, prestige seriously and provide our customers a multitude of services for demanding customers. A large team of specially trained people to provide what you always desire for your company, business, industry, etc ... We are a family corporation since 1980 to date. We have a prestigious clientele that exalts the name of CONEL Argentina. Trained staff in each professional area in the items needed for industry, commerce and offices.

Lic. Claudio Augusto. CONEL Argentina Group CEO.

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CONEL Argentina offers the broadest portfolio of attention for your company or business. We are leaders in specialized technical services and Business Services Human Resources and Corporate events. What more can you ask this big corporate?. Then indulge in this menu that will grow with future services:



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We are leaders in what we do best: Meeting the demands of our customers.

A large corporate CONEL Argentina innovation in each area involved. Talent, professionalism, passion of genius gathered all in one company. Do you think you and your organization small, medium or large we are close to you, getting our share of wisdom in new achievements for your company?.



Because we value our team, the desire to perfect every day, to get better. That is why we are leaders in comprehensive services.



Because we focus on exactly what our customers demand as a platform to improve their businesses. Being precise in their goals of our members are leaders in what we do.



What company is not required to maintain their values ​​and goals and not conforming to agreed work program?. We are leaders in respecting our commitment to customers.

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A brief look into new services for businesses.

Our commitment to bringing our customers leads us to create new products within our range of comprehensive services for businesses: logistics, office decoration, in-company training, marketing outlets ...


The logistics business,


Ensuring quality of service, ie compliance with the requirements of customers, gives a competitive advantage to the company. Doing it improves the lower cost of beneficio" of the company. Get security guarantees allows the company to avoid penalties but also communicate current issues such as respect of the environment, ethical products ... These three parameters are used to explain the strategic nature of the logistic function in many companies (peer pressure creates the function ). Currently the Logistics Directors are members of the steering committees of companies and report to shareholders. Membership, product etc ...

The domains of responsibility are varied logistics: operational (execution), tactical (business organization) and strategic (strategic plans, foresight, responsibility and knowledge).



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